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Standing Stone Accounting

We’re here to help small businesses grow to successful businesses, no matter what your size, and make your dreams come true.

You’re good at your business because, hey, it was your idea.  It’s what you love. It’s your dream to become something better, and to share that opportunity with others who see your vision and want to be a part of it too.

But then there’s this accounting stuff that IRS and the State governments want you to do just to prove how good you are at your business…and the laws they make. So how do you do all of that, when you don’t even know what they’re talking about?!   

  • File a Form 1099 at year end? What’s that form for? How do I get one and what do I do with it?
  • What about these payroll notices and penalty letters? What do I do with them?
  • Estimated Federal and State taxes! What are they and what am I supposed to pay for them?
  • Sales tax on products/services sold? Is anyone tracking that for me in my accounting system?

That’s why you need an accountant. Just send all of those questions and notices to me and I’ll handle it all for you. Remember, you’re the one that’s good at the business development, and this is why you should hire someone for the things that you are NOT good at. That goes for anything in your company…that Office Manager, Operations Manager, or field employee that just is on top of it all for every job getting done. Everyone has their own skill set and what they are good at. Share the load with others and more can get accomplished.   


Our mission is to help others succeed in their business!


We’ve got solutions, technology, experience and knowledge in areas of Non-Profits, Tech Fields, Auto Industry, Construction, HVAC Services, Health Care, small Retail, small Manufacturing, Videography/Photography, Service Industry, Direct-Sales Home/Personal Goods, and more. Having worked in these industries, we have firsthand knowledge of how your business should run. We’ll help guide you in best practices, procedures, and business reporting for your five-year plan making sure you succeed and conquer all the obstacles along the way. You’ll feel better knowing that things are being taken care of. We then partner with your tax accountant, preparing all of the necessary reports and reconciliations, making note of ways to save you on taxes owed based on new laws, and getting your taxes filed timely. Having us do your accounting will help speed up the tax filing process and result in lower tax filing fees.


But hey, don’t just take these words, listen to what others have said about Linda and what she has done for others. Look at the Testimonies below and the LinkedIn profile.

“I highly recommend Linda Baker from Standing Stone Accounting as a QuickBooks trainer.  She presented several QuickBooks trainings at the Cecil County Public Library and participants inquired regularly when she would be back to present again.  Whether the participants were new to QuickBooks or advanced users, all received valuable information from her presentations.  The handouts she provided enabled users to take the key information home with them, to practice and apply the knowledge gained to their own QuickBooks accounts.  Ms. Baker successfully manages to present her vast knowledge of QuickBooks in an easy to understand, accessible format to an audience of both start-ups, seasoned entrepreneurs, and non-profits alike.”

Laura Metzler, MLS
Senior Business Research Librarian
Cecil County Public Library

We’re working with QuickBooks Online, and possess the Pro Advisor Online Accountant Certification, along with other software certifications, and affiliations with payroll service providers. Linda also has Business Management/Accounting degrees, Sales & Leadership training/experience, Start-up entrepreneur, and on-going technology training. We also keep up with the latest news and trends, keeping you in the know when changes arise. Active in like-minded groups and Chamber of Commerce. That’s how we can provide innovative business solutions that get you results!


We also provide training to your staff so they can keep up with the daily work and we can do the overview and financial tracking for you. See the training packages available on the next screen.

Migration of Desktop QuickBooks to Online QuickBooks, or other accounting software migration services, are available to get you into the cloud for easier access, streamline your business for efficiency, & better tracking of your daily transactions, giving you access to the health of your company at any given moment in time. From your location, to the cloud…no matter where you are.


NEW!  Essentials/Monthly Review Accounting

A monthly service that will give you the oversight of your accounting, do a monthly bank reconciliation, and make necessary corrections to your transactions so that they are in order for doing your taxes, help with business analyzation, & used for loan help. This service is at a reduced price for Small Business owners that do their own bookkeeping but are not aware if they are doing it correctly.  Priced per hour, as needed, starting at $45 per hour.

Don’t have an accounting software program or way to track your business transactions? I can help you get set up with WAVE Accounting, which offers a FREE solution for basic accounting.